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  • Lite Edition

    • Single Server License
    • One Concurrent Connection
    • Process up to $2M / year
    • SKU: ISXB-A-L


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  • Standard Edition

    • Single Server License
    • 5 Concurrent Connections
    • On-Premise Only
    • SKU: ISXB-A-S


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  • Premium Edition

    • Multiple Servers / Cloud Deployment
    • Unlimited Concurrent Connections
    • OEM / White Label Available
    • SKU: ISXB-A-P

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Common Questions

  • Do you charge a per transaction fee?

    NO, 4D Payments does not charge a per transaction fee. The only fee we charge is a fixed yearly fee (see prices above) for the use of our software.

  • What if the concurrent connections limit is reached?

    When the concurrent connections limit is reached other processes that may be trying to connect to the Gateway will have to wait. You will still be able to process your transactions but the end users will experience delays depending on the load.

  • Can I upgrade my license in mid cycle?

    Yes, you can. We’ll give you a prorated credit for the unused portion of the license you have and you can use that credit toward the purchase of the higher level license.

  • Can I use the components directly?

    The Gateway license does not entitle you to use the 4D Payments SDK. Please contact us to inquire about the SDK licenses available.

    Will I need a merchant account?

    Yes, before you can process transactions you will need to obtain a merchant account from one of the credit card Processors we support.